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Christmas is just around the corner and this is your chance to make a real difference. There are thousands of Aussie children suffering abuse, neglect and homelessness, but you can help transform a child’s life.  

Get on board to help support our critical Christmas drive and give a gift to a child who may otherwise go without. It’s easy to get involved.

About the Barnardos Gifts for Kids

To purchase a gift that will be delivered directly to a child in Barnardos Australia care: 

1. Click on the red GIVE HERE button above

2. SELECT your gifts

3. Follow the easy steps to PURCHASE your gift/s

4. Once completed please download your Christmas Tree tag & hang on your very own Christmas Tree. We hope that putting it in your home or office will remind you of the kids you’ve helped this year. 

All donations will be delivered by Simply Giving to Barnardos Australia centres and then distributed to children in need this Christmas. 

Donating a gift online significantly reduces our administration and logistics costs.

This year Barnardos Australia will reward the most generous company with a delicious morning tea at their work place, courtesy of our friends at Mrs. Fields.

How it works?

Why donate toys online?

Donate toys to Barnardos Gifts for Kids

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Simply Giving is Australia's most used and trusted online toy drive facility, bringing convenience and cost-savings to the giving process. Read more at


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Why Give Online?

> Quick, easy & convenient
> Toys selected by the charity
> Toys most suitable for the kids
> Reduces charity's appeal costs
> Reduces wastage & emissions
> Get certificate, card or origami